Jeff Bezos – when do we decide to kill a project @ amazon?

Obviously, they don't give up soon (which is a mistake Bezos thinks many cos do), but decide to call it quits when the last high-ranking executive who is a [...]

Top reasons to pick Uber – quick, safe, too drunk – Bill Gross

Thus tweets Bill Gross, quoting Mary Meeker: Uber has now given more than 1 billion rides! Top reasons: quick, safe, too [...]

Bill Gross – Call to arms to create better ads

This is a call to arms to create better ads - big rise in Ad-Blocking software - Bill Gross - from his tweet [...]

Bill Gross tweet on China capital formation growth

China capital formation over last 6 years is greater than the previous 30 years! tweets Bill Gross here, quoting Mary [...]

Eric Lefkofsky Tweets about Radically New Cancer Treatment

Lefkofsky, the Groupon billionaire, made an interesting tweet on an article that talks about how a cancer sufferer riddled with 26 tumours was 'effectively [...]

Bill Gates – Why I Would Raise Chickens to Eliminate Poverty

This is why Bill Gates likes to raise chickens, or at least would like a good part of the poor folks around the world to raise chickens. "If you were [...]

Elon Musk’s greatest gift to humanity will be…

Musk's greatest gift to humanity will not be driverless cars or missions to Mars. It will be inspiring a whole generation to think bigger. Tweets Jonathan [...]