Bill Gross on self driving cars

"Self-driving cars will turn 50 billion hours of boring driving time (8% of GDP) into 50 billion new hours in moving living room." His tweet [...]

Melinda Gates roots for diversity in teams

“Diversity in teams brings diversity in thought, which brings better outcomes." See here tweet [...]

Paul Graham says raising lots of money to buy customers is doubly dangerous

He tweeted as follows: "Raising lots of money to buy customers is doubly dangerous. Gives you a high burn, and lets you remain in denial about a mediocre [...]

Steve Case’s Favorite Gadgets

Include Life Fitness treadmill desk Spotify Amazon Echo On Cloud sneakers Sou Open [...]

Elon Musk says we should be selective with AI

Says that he is not against artificial intelligence, but at the same time says be believes not all AI designs are benign His words, tweeted by Bill Gross [...]

ReadingNation – HH Sheikh Mohammed, Emir of Dubai’s plan to eliminate poverty

...involves making millions of children literate and educated. This idea has grown into ReadingNation, a movement that will see the UAE supply 5 million [...]

Marc Benioff says the best drug he took was philanthropy

Marc Benioff, the founder of Salesforce, says philanthropy was the best drug he has ever had. Interesting perspective indeed The tweet is over [...]

Book Review by Bill Gates – How NOT to be Wrong

Under the title "How Math Secretly Affects Your Life," Bill Gates reviews the book How Not to be Wrong by Jordan Ellenberg. "I took a lot of math classes in [...]

To innovate, find a partner, says Steve Case

Might be a real good piece of advice indeed. How many of us wish to innovate, but are not able to because we are not able to think and do outside "our [...]

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BillDoll is all about insights from billionaires from world over. What could be more useful than learning from those who are the super most successful in [...]