Carl Icahn, William Ackman, and a Seven-Year Fight Over “Pennies”

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In one corner is Carl C. Icahn, the corporate raider who made C.E.O.’s tremble back in the 1980s and, at 75, is still chasing deals.

In the other is William A. Ackman, 45, one of Mr. Icahn’s figurative heirs and a leading practitioner of the bruising, Icahnesque craft politely known as activist investing.

These ultrarich men battled for seven years in multiple courts, over a relatively paltry $4.5 million. That might be real money to mere mortals, but to these two, it’s barely a rounding error.

So why bother? This battle, it turns out, was more about big egos than big money.

Well, it will be difficult to find billionaires without big egos, but it might be more difficult to find billionaires wasting their time for small pieces of money to satisfy their egos.

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